Better than Popeyes Fried Chicken Sandwich

Better than Popeyes Fried Chicken Sandwich Tasty & Juicy! 6 chicken thighs or breast (organic preferably)buttermilk (enough to cover...

Supplements for Hair, Skin & Nails that works.

A great skin care routine is essential to healthy, glowing skin. If you want to have beautiful youthful skin then you absolutely need to follow a skincare regimen...

Skin care essentials for great skin

It is always awesome to have flawless skin. The skin ranks among the top part of your outfit which is highly noticeable by the folks because you could make it glow,

Top 5 Favorite Mascara

What is the best mascara brand? This is one of the most commonly asked questions a Makeup Artist receives every day. I would love to give you a simple answer with a particular brand and formula to go purchase. Then again, there is no such thing as one mascara that could be best for everyone.